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Schlaeger 22 Oct 12:00

Dear players,

Many plants have been brought to our Martian world - the "Mars Empire" game. Their names are familiar to all of us, but mutation made them look different to help them to survive.

Many of the features are familiar for you. But it's possible to help other players with their harvest and you can earn rubies doing this work.

1. Buy garden beds, plant, harvest and get leaves for that.
2. Purchase new plants for leaves.
3. Improve your garden beds.
4. Help other players to harvest and get rubies for your help.
5. Ask other players to help you to harvest and set your own price for that. Pay your assistants for their work and get leaves.

Plants give you bonuses when you reset your business angels!

You may find the "Mars Empire" game on our page (the link OTHER GAMES in the footer) or if you play through Moco among the games on this Social network.

Have a look at this farm and have good game!
Come and play it!

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