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Schlaeger 16 Sep 09:30

Dear mig users,

we have reconnected The Gardener using mig's new protocol.
All the game's features are now available for you without any limitations.
The game may be found on the mig's site in the /games in WAP/WEB Games section.
Your accounts together with all your achievements, rubies and coins will be moved automatically and lossless.

You will also find our other games in this section and available for you from now on: Fab Girls (a wonderful and colorful female game), Mars Empire (a hardcore economical clicker strategy), My sweet puppy (a tamagotchi style game), The Aviators (an economical strategy) and The Defenders of Maggard (an RPG game with real online fightings).

Have a good game!

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New online game "Fab Girls"

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