Flood / Rules of sub-forum "Flood"

Evo 02 May 20:12

In this sub-forum Flood "General rules of conduct" proceed.


1.1. To post messages with threats, insults, obscene statements, swear words or harassment; to publish any information of an intimate nature or statements that are vulgar, lewd and violating generally accepted standards of morality and ethics;

1.2. To discuss and incite racial, ethnic, religious or political hatred;

1.3. To deliberate creation or provocation of conflict situations, slander, unproved accusations;

1.4. To express dissatisfaction about other forum users and to discuss publicly activities of moderators and administration on Forum and in Chats.
// All ur remarks, propositions, suggestions and so on you should send only to Support. If you think that the moderator is not right, please contact Support. If you think support is wrong, please contact administrator.

*Ignorance of the general rules of conduct is not an excuse.
*Administration has the right to block of all player accounts for repeated violations of rules.

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