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Schlaeger 18 Mar 07:13

Dear mig33 users, we are very glad to see you in our game and appreciate your game passion!!! This connection with mig33 platform is very complicated because of huge platform, server and format differences. We know about all the technical problems you have and do our best to solve them and make you enjoy the game in full! Some of them have been already successfully solved. We'd like to thank you for your patience and understanding!:)

There's one more thing We'd like to discuss and ask you kindly for - MINIS
We understand your traditions and why you do that. But the number of such minis to too big and it disturbs other players and makes us concerned. We would kindly ask you to stop that. We don't want to take any strict measures and hope we could solve everything peacefully. Have a good game and let other players enjoy the game. And we'll do our best to surprise you with new updates and let you enjoy the game, and please let other players enjoy it too!

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