Common / General rules of conduct

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General rules of conduct.

1.1. To post messages with threats, insults, obscene statements, swear words or harassment;

1.2. To incite racial, ethnic, religious or political hatred;

1.3. To advertise and discuss third-party websites and resources;

1.4. To distort nicknames or names of other players in order to make the postings offensive;

1.5. To deliberate creation or provocation of conflict situations, slander, unproved accusations;

1.6. To abuse CAPS, writing messages entirely in capital letters, topic creation with titles containing capital letters not at the word beginnings;

1.7. Posting the same or similar messages in one or several forum topics or in the chat, posting of repetitive characters, phrases or smiles (flood);

1.8. Creating of the same or similar topics on Forum;

1.9. Re-creating of forum topics, which were closed or deleted by moderators for rules violation;

1.10. Message posting contradicting with the forum topic themes or chat dialogues, having no special meaning and which are not relevant to the topic (such messages are called “offtopic”).

1.11. Misleading or deceiving of other players and Administration;

1.12. To post ads on the purchase, sale or transfer of any game items, in-game currency, including accounts, both for real money and in-game currency;

1.13. To express dissatisfaction about other forum users and to discuss publicly activities of moderators and administration on Forum and in Chats;

1.14. To create topics on Forum with a call to join your Farm Alliance and to post invitations to join your Farm Alliance on guest forums of other Farm Alliances;

1.15. Use any other language than in ENGLISH in public FORUMS and CHATS. It's permitted to use any other languages only in FA Forums;

1.16. To create topics asking both to unblock or block your account.

*Ignorance of the general rules of conduct is not an excuse.
*Administration has the right to restrict the access to the chat and forum up to complete blocking of all player accounts for repeated violations of these rules.


Current rules may be modifies and added from time to time as and when needed.

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