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Chat rules

Chat — is a place to socialize. Chat is divided into several thematic rooms to make communication easier for the players.

Garden house[ (for newcomers)
Newcomers (and not only) can share the information about the game, their experience and now-how, personal information and so on in this room.

Sauna (for war-horses)
War-horses and veterans are welcomed in this chat room.

Hayloft (dating)
“My soulmate, where are you?”

Fair (Farm Alliance search and promotion)
Farm Alliance Chairmen advertise their Farm Alliances in this room, describe them and announce employment. Players that want to join a Farm Alliance may also leave their applications for a Farm Alliance joining here.
FORBIDDEN: to message more often than 1 time per 15 minutes — users who break this will be banned immediately without a word of warning.

Meadow (for cooks)
It’s a thematic room for cooks and cellar experts. Share your cooking and provision making experience, advise and just have a good time chatting with other players here.

Ludus (for fighters)
Barn Battle and battle strategies discussions
IMPORTANT: please contain your eagerness after losings. Bans haven’t been canceled.

General site rules of behavior are also applicable in all chatting rooms. It’s also strictly forbidden in all the rooms to:
- publish any messages with the information on account sale/purchase/exchange, free Farm Alliance/Character/In-game currency passing.
- publish any ads on any services, which lead and/or help to get any profit in in-game currency for both players and farm alliances.
- publish any requests/proposals to activate any of the promo actions.
- publish any messages that teach cheating like: teach to watch bans, message in closed topics and so on.
Administration gives a silence vow for such actions and may also block you without a word of warning for regularly repeated actions of such a kind.

NB: Even if you ask a moderator to specify your ban after being banned and appeal, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the answer. Moderators can’t remember all the violations. You may always appeal your ban to link. Please pay your attention that if your guilt will be proved and it will be committed, your ban term will be prolonged for one week, and it’s also possible that all your characters may be blocked for casting aspersions on the moderators.

These Rules may be modifies and added from time to time as and when needed.

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