Common / Safety rules

Little Joy 25 Jul 10:31

Safety rules which will help you to avoid your account cracking and will help to keep it secure!

1. Create a CORRECT password!
Please don’t create any passwords that use only your name, surname, phone number and date of birth. Your password should consist of letters and numbers and be from 6 up to 20 characters.

You may use different bases to remember and not forget your password. For example: your name and 4 last numbers of your phone, the first and the last letters can be taken from the game name.
base: sven3478
site: thegardener
You get the following password: tsven3478r
Such a password is very secure and it will keep your account from cracking.

2. Please enter your E-MAIL!
You can enter your Email in your Profile (Settings section) if you haven’t done it during the registration.

3. Don’t follow any suspicious links!
You can inform the Game Administration about suspicious messages by clicking the “Spam+Ignore” link under the received message.

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